Hoarding Teachers

I have accumalated a lot of objects over my three years at Plymouth University. Most interestingly included; a dozen free lanyards, a dominos free t-shirt, a wrapped up poncho in a ball and a selection of unused expensive textbooks. All these objects could be found in any students possession.

However, as a trainee teacher, stating I have ‘objects’ doesn’t quite show the enormity of the situation. I have now sorted through three years of resources, files, paperwork, lesson plans, lectures and seminars all stating ‘vital’ information. I have more children’s books than my own personal collection of reading. I have knick-knacks, trinkets and decorations that can all help in some big or small way to children learning. I have a working solar system model, just in case.

The issue I am having is I do not want to throw it away. I am not attach to the items but you never know… a poster of British inventors could inspire a child one day in the future. And that is why ‘just in case’ is the only excuse you need to keep anything as a teacher.


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